From the recording Invisible Now

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My Ten Commandments
Tuned in open C

When you call me
call me tenderly
Because you never know
where we will go

When you find your face close to mine
try to bring me your shine
I’ve become so sensitive
to all that is negative

I am trying hard not to forget
everyone who I love and neglect
I’ve become insensitive
To what I project

Underneath an offhand comment
Lies a story trapped in cement
Reminds us of what we’ll never be
In 30 years from now we’ll see

The Glaciers that are dying slowly
And time that cuts a break to no one
Holding up some currency
As if that means anything

Right now all that matters
Is this time together
Will it be an ocean of sarcasm?
Or will it speak of things to come

Do we feel love at all or did we just invent it
Because we are too scared to die alone
I’ve come to bring you home
I’ve come to bring you home

When you find me
You can be honest with me
I have no time now
To talk about the news

Bring me your happy and your sad
I will try to peel back all of that
There is so much more
To sadness than blues

I cannot moves mountains for you
I can’t even pick up your laundry
All I can give you
Is this tentative whisper

Foreign languages are above
The whole world it feels beyond me
There is so much that I don’t know
That I don’t even know what I don’t know

And I can’t hear the explanation
But I can feel you heartbeat pulsing
Somewhere in your warm hands
Are my ten commandments

We can sing with our flawed voices
And anguish over inane choices
Because we are too scared to live alone
I’ve come to bring you home
I’ve come to bring you home