1. Carrie's Song

From the recording Invisible Now

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c 2022 Heidi Wolfson
Heidi Wolfson- Vocals, guitar
Art Cohen- Guitar, bass
Steve Lessick- Vocals, drums
Recorded and Produced by Art Cohen
Recorded at Alpenhof Studio, Media PA


Carrie’s Song

Guitar tuned in open E

Baby, I don’t know what to do
Don’t know what happened between me and you
I know, I know it will change one day
But one day feels so far off and I don’t want to wait

You say I say you say I say
It happens so fast
Words are flying and we are trying
To get the last…. Word in
Get the last word in

I remember what it felt like
To dress you in pajamas and tuck you in at night
I called you my toaster; you were toasty warm
And I stayed with you until sleep came on

Now we are here and both so angry
It doesn’t seem fair
I can’t find those warm moments anywhere
And I want them…… back
I want them back

I could never paint your nails or fix your hair
And you are not a reader or a vegetarian
I am so happy that you are not like me
I want you to be whoever you have to be

But I am proud every time you walk into a room
And connect with every person; you make everyone feel good
You look people in the eye and remember their names
And you quickly grab someone’s hand when you see they are in pain
You are an old soul
And you are whole

I am winding down and you are starting up
We are both a little scared but we are very tough
And in the end I think that you and I
Are so alike in ways that we will flat out deny

I have to laugh that you still ask if I love you the most
And I love that your hands are still as warm as toast
Maybe this is easier than saying goodbye
It is easier to fight than to realize
That you will be leaving soon
You will be leaving soon