1. This Train

From the recording Invisible Now

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c 2022 Heidi Wolfson
Heidi Wolfson- Vocals, guitar
Art Cohen- Guitar, bass
Steve Lessick- Vocals, drums
Recorded and Produced by Art Cohen
Recorded at Alpenhof Studio, Media PA


I play this song in open E. Art plays in straight up chords.
Basically the whole song switches between B and E.
When it switches to the this train, this train part, it drops to a B6.

Feb 16, 2013

This Train

You sit there, so helpless
But I will come through
And just like always
I’ll take care of you

And I’ll be riding, through the night
By 8:15 a.m., I’ll be by your side


Riding On
Riding On
This train, this train
This train, this train
This train, this train
Through the dawn

You know that I love you, and I always have
From the first time that I saw you, I was had

And there’s a single beam of light tonight
That takes me where I need to be, by your side


I don’t look like a hero, anymore
But I am still an engine, so powerful

And I have a single mind
Set on you
I will plow through the night
To get to you