1. Boxes
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c 2016 by Heidi Wolfson, Art Cohen and Steve Lessick
Heidi Wolfson- Vocals
Art Cohen- Guitar, bass
Steve Lessick- Vocals, drums
Recorded and Produced by Art Cohen
Vocal arrangements and production by Steve Lessick
Recorded at Alpenhof Studio, Media PA & The Accident Factory



Am (pull finger on and off of 2nd string)

Am C
Swallowed up in a room of boxes
G Dm
I've moved somewhere without my knowledge
Am C G Dm
A city where the walk-ups are 4 deep and 6 high

I vaguely know I once had a family
There's a heavy loss that now surrounds me
Sitting on a box not knowing my next move or even why

I should move at all 
Maybe I'm just frozen to this spot
And it's not my call 
To understand the setting or the plot

I'm being driven forth alone
And the strings are pulling me what to do
And there's an empty hollow hurricane 
That's replaced my brain and put

 Am Em
me on autodrive
autodrive Em
I'm being driven out into the desperate streets
Maybe in search of food
Or maybe in search of companionship
or a feeling that I once knew

Because nothing is familiar
And nobody recognizes me too
And I seem to be invisible
as the ray-guns of their eyes

Stare right through me and land on the bricks
Behind me where the impossible sounds and the gray matter
Of the fog drive me to move
in sudden bursts and run right back

 Am Em
 in the room of boxes
 Am Em
I'm in a room of boxes
Am Em
I'm in a room Of boxes
 Am Em
And I don't know how to unpack

There's a single slice of silver behind the cardboard breaking through
And I realize it's a picture frame
that could possibly contain a clue

Or reveal a familiar face or name 
But the brown paneling is closing in
And I'm pulling at the flap 
but there's no turning back and I don't

know what exactly 
is in the box and it might kill me on this very spot
or bring me home to my family and the people I have known

Am Em
But what's in the box?
What in the box?
What's in the box?
What's in the box?
(Continue with Am Em
Everything is in that box and nothing is in that box
Everything I ever loved and cherished
And those things I never gave a shit about
Like the teeth that I lost when I was seven]
And the jeans that no longer fit
And the time that you left me by the side of the road
And the time that I left you by the side of the bed
And one day I'll be in that box
And I'll be buried in the ground
And my children will take all of the boxes and throw them in the trash