1. Fiona Says
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c 2016 by Heidi Wolfson
Heidi Wolfson- Vocals, guitar
Art Cohen- Guitar
Steve Lessick- Vocals, drums
Recorded and Produced by Art Cohen
Vocal arrangements and production by Steve Lessick
Recorded at Alpenhof Studio, Media PA & The Accident Factory


Feb , 2014
Fiona Says

So, In the recording there are two things going on at once. Art is playing chords and I am finger picking in an open tuning. I will include both.

Arts Chords:

C/Am C/Am

C C CMaj7 CMaj7 C6 C/Am C/Am

G6 G6 C C

Csus4 Csus4 C C

Heidi's part in open C tuning

C Tuning: E G C G C E (Finger pick 4 highest strings/ stay away from 5th and 6th strings)
3rd string: 0 2 0 2
3rd string: 5 4 2 0 2-0
2nd String: 7 / 2nd and 3rd Strings: 7 / 2nd string :5 / 2nd and 3rd strings:5
2ndstring: 2 0

Fiona says that she always skates on thin ice
But I will wait for her tonight
Tonight we will be strong
Up ahead there is danger and there is fear
A paring down of the years
But tonight we have this song

Her voice it flies around the world
Touching one and another girl
Fiona it’s a false alarm
But I am cradled here inside your arms
Open chords climb into my heart
And one string at a time, they pull me apart
I spill it all to her, and she will never hear
But Fiona, you have both of my ears

Fiona says that she never lands on love
I think that is very sad
I have so much love she can have
Green and blue, she sees colors in every chord
She taught me how to hear more
A disciple in a storm

Double Chorus:
Her pallet is open throughout my day
I dip my brush hoping she will stay
Inside my brain and teach me more
Another year, just one more chord
And one more glance into her life
The paint is thickened and a scalloped knife
Gives the colors texture and brings them home
But Fiona thinks she is all alone

She doesn’t know me but I think she does
The razor’s edge and the eagle’s claws
Snow covered rooftops, I see them too
The bridal girl, the fallen tombs
She says so much more than we ascribe to meaning
She shows me so much more than I am seeing
But after every song is sung
Fiona is the colors of the sun