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c 2022 Heidi Wolfson
Heidi Wolfson- Vocals
Art Cohen- Guitar, bass
Steve Lessick- Vocals, drums
Recorded and Produced by Art Cohen
Vocal arrangements and production by Steve Lessick
Recorded at Alpenhof Studio, Media PA & The Accident Factory


 Little Yellow House

April, 11, 2020

A Part
Back when we lived in old East Oakland
In a little yellow house where dreams were  broken
We had to break in, although the door was open
A                                                                D
We’d climb through the window anyway

The sun came in, though the window was dirty
The sun didn’t care that the window was dirty
The dirt would light up like oil on water
There was rainbow earth on the windows

B Part
      A                                     E
My friend Oscar and your friend David
   D                                                       A
Waited on the sidewalk while daylight escaped us
       A                                                               E               
We’d climb  through the window right into the danger
Hoping that the night would bring lifeback to angels

My head exploded with all of the possibilities
As your friend and my friend waited on the street for me
You climbed through the window with Mama right behind you
Telling us to come back, and me with only one shoe

A Part

Back when we thought that the railroad tracks
Led to somewhere we could not imagine
Another yellow house with a shiny, clean window
And love and food on the kitchen table

We’d walk  those tracks deep into the night
No train ever came, no whistle and no light
We’d eventually turn around from the holiest of sights
The unknown at the end of the railroad track

B Part

My friend Oscar and your friend David’s
Laughter through the night kept our feet from aching
 I’ve gone through most of my life with this scene forgotten
Still losing half of my shoes, because I refuse to double-knot them

Now you are gone, I’m the only one here
And the little yellow house has finally reappeared
My head still explodes with all of the possibility
The streets I’ll never travel; the houses I’ll never see

You climbed through the window and awakened the angels
And I am in the kitchen,  still sitting at the table