1. River
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c 2022 Heidi Wolfson
Heidi Wolfson- Vocals, guitar
Art Cohen- Vocals, guitar, bass
Steve Lessick- Vocals, drums
Recorded and Produced by Art Cohen
Vocal arrangements and production by Steve Lessick
Recorded at Alpenhof Studio, Media PA & The Accident Factory


Heidi G. Wolfson  7/19/19

G                                        B7
Any day you need a rhyme
                       Em                          C
Look in this song and you will find
                   G                                 C7         G     C7    G
All of the words I have in my heart  for you

I've seen you try, I've seen you fall
I've seen you crash into a wall
But you can get up one more time
Or as many times as it takes

 Dm                       G                     C (descend on bass)       Am
People are like rivers, they catch you and keep you moving
Dm               G             C     Am
I've had rivers of my own
Dm                                    G                               C                       Am
Keep your head back,  keep your arms outstretched and let yourself float
Dm           G           C             Am    
It will take you home
Dm                       G           C    Am          C        Am
That river will take you home

Any day you feel alone
Hold my hand and then let it go
I will hold you up until you can float

People have hurt you more than you can say
Time to let it drift away
Use that truth
It teaches you what you need to know

You are like a river, every rock makes a ripple 
You are rich with minerals
And you stay close to the Earth
You will be that cold soft surface
For someone else who needs a place to fall
That will be your rebirth
That will be your rebirth